Transforming Guaca Stationers Ltd's Online Presence

Client Background

Company Name: Guaca Stationers Ltd

Industry: School and Office stationery books manufacturing in Kenya

Establishment: Manufacturing established in 2004, prior to that trading in stationery items


  • Main Challenges:
    • Lack of clarity regarding internet reach and benefits. 
    • Difficulty finding a trustworthy provider to handle the online presence project with end-to-end solutions.
  • Specific Difficulties:
    • Numerous digital marketing and software companies available but facing challenges in understanding requirements and finding a one-stop solution.


Understood the needs and pain points of the users


Brainstormed and considered different solutions to meet the requirements.


Identified the problem and requirements for the solution.


Evaluated the solution to ensure it meets the requirements and effectively solves the problem.

Solutions & Strategies

  • Thorough understanding of Guaca Stationers Ltd business and online goals.
  • Development of social engagement strategies, website optimization, and top-ranking SEO solutions.
  • Created a comprehensive online presence including website development and social media management.
  • Optimized website to rank top in Africa, enhancing brand visibility and customer reach.
  • Developed automation tools for lead generation, order processing, and delivery management.
  • Started customer engagement strategies through various tools like live chat, email campaigns, and feedback surveys.

Detailed Table of Solutions and Benefits


Quantitative Results:

    • Increase in Website Traffic
    • Growth in Online Sales
    • Improvement in Conversion Rates

Qualitative Results:

    • Enhanced brand perception and trust among customers.
    • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Positive feedback and testimonials from customers regarding the engagement strategies.


Customer Engagement Analysis

Website Performance Analysis

Business Impact Analysis

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Our team has extensive experience in the after-sales service industry

Our Client Said

Chetan Shah Director - Guaca Stationers Ltd

Positive feedback from Guaca Stationers Ltd management about Esenten Technologies' expertise in creating a complete online presence, developing social engagement, optimizing the website, and ranking top in Africa. The automation tools developed by Esenten streamlined our processes from lead generation to order processing to delivery, significantly improving our business operations.

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