Transforming Technoskill - After Sales Repairs

Client Background

  • Company Name: Technoskill
  • Industry: Electronic Appliances
  • Location: Vikhroli, Mumbai
  • Service Provided: L4 service support provider for companies like IFB, Reliance, Croma, Onsite, One Assist, etc.


Overview of Challenges:

  • No accountability or traceability.
  • Manual processes for inventory, accounting, analysis, etc.

Specific Pain Points:

  • Lack of systems to monitor repairs, part consumption, and engineer productivity.
  • Dependence on coordinators leading to data inaccuracies, wrong analysis, and poor decision-making.

Impact on Business Operations and Customer Satisfaction:

  • Dependency on manual work resulted in errors and inefficiencies.
  • Absence of coordinators or improper data capture led to wrong data and decisions.


Understood the needs and pain points of the users


Brainstormed and considered different solutions to meet the requirements.


Identified the problem and requirements for the solution.


Evaluated the solution to ensure it meets the requirements and effectively solves the problem.


  • Conducted thorough ground-level analysis to understand flow, activities, and behaviors.
  • Engaged with team members to gather information on daily operations and challenges.
  • Captured data from all available sources to design a specific template and flow.
  • Developed a CRM blueprint after detailed discussions with the owners, considering all scenarios.
  • Implemented the CRM in three stages.
  • Inward-Repair-Dispatch: Central to the majority of operations.
  • Product Categories: System tailored to different product categories.
  • Data Analysis: Enabled owners to make data-driven decisions, define ownership, and reduce leakage.

Detailed Table of Solutions and Benefits


Quantitative Results:

    • Increase in Monthly Revenue¬†
    • Increase in Customer Satisfaction
    • Decrease in Response Time

Qualitative Results:

    • Improved Customer Feedback & Associations¬†
    • Enhanced Online Presence

Additional Analysis

Customer Feedback Analysis:

    • Improved feedback mechanisms and satisfaction.
    • Positive customer responses to efficient service.

Operational Improvements:

    • Streamlined operations and reduced manual errors.
    • Increased productivity and reduced leakage.

Why Esenten Technologies?

Expert Team

Our team has extensive experience in the after-sales service industry

Customized Solutions

We tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of your business.

Proven Track Record

We have a history of delivering measurable results and maximizing profitability.

Innovative Strategies

Our team has extensive experience in the after-sales service industry

Our Client Said

Mr. Suhas Sawant Director - Technoskil

We were having significant issues managing our repair operations, with manual processes resulting in data inaccuracies and inefficiencies. Esenten Technologies provided us with their knowledge and innovative ideas. They took the time to understand our business requirements, performed a thorough ground-level study, and created a unique CRM system that transformed our operations. The CRM system's introduction had a significant impact on our company. We now have real-time data on open and closed calls, accurate repair tracking by product category, and increased accountability and efficiency throughout the organization. The Esenten Technologies team has helped us make data-driven decisions, establish ownership, and eliminate leakage, all of which have resulted in enhanced customer happiness and operational efficiency. We are deeply appreciative of Esenten Technologies' dedication, knowledge, and individualized approach. They have truly helped us elevate our after-sales service business to the next level, and we want to continue working with them for many years to come.

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